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1278 Highway 71 W
Bastrop, TX 78602


Texas Foam knows protective packaging and polystyrene foam shippers. We are an industry leader in quality and innovation. Since 1991, we have manufactured products that meet or exceed our customers requirements for quality and value. State of the art manufacturing equipment is used at our facility, resulting in enhanced production capability.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Polystyrene Foam?

Expanded Polystyrene is often referred to as Polystyrene Foam. It is a rugged thermoplastic that encapsulates air. The air entrapped in the plastic serves as an insulator, sound deadener, and cushion to protect packaged goods from in transit damage. For more technical data about Polystyrene Foam click here.

2. How do I know if custom shape molded Polystyrene Foam is the right selection for my application?

Typically molders such as Texas Foam will design, and develop the best possible product for your application. You will be provided with part pricing and tooling costs, and if these are favorable protyping and production parts.

3. What are typical applications for Polystyrene Foam?

Polystyrene Foam is used to protect audio and visual equipment, as components of appliances, flotation, insulation, medical packaging, dunnage, packs for computers and computer peripherals.

4. What are the advantages of Polystyrene Foam over other competing products, such as fabricated foams?

State of the art molding equipment and strict process controls provide for repeatable and consistent product quality and performance. In addition, Polystyrene Foam is usually a low cost, fast turnaround alternative.

5. Is Polystyrene Foam recyclable?

In 2006 over 32 million pounds of post consumer Expanded Polystyrene was recycled in the US. In addition, many molders are taking production of scrap back in the products they produce.


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